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The Sandefjord Model Railway Club.

The club was founded in 1993. Some friends had discussed for a long time the possibility of making a model railway club in Sandefjord town. The decision to act was taken one summerday on board the vikingship copy "Gaia" of Sandefjord town. On November 4, 1993 the club was officially founded. We build model railway layouts, take journeys to railway sites and arrange club meetings. The main purpose is to engage young people in a constructive hobby, but people of all ages are welcome.

The model of the railway station of Sandefjord town year 1890.

In 1995 our town celebrated its 150'th anniversary and all clubs of different kinds were asked to do their contributions. Our contribution was a layout in H0-scale showing the railway station of our town as it looked in 1890. A lot of historical materials was retrieved. We got pictures, drawings, maps, etc. from many places. After the arrival of all this materials, we understood that things had changed dramatically since 1890. The model is made "active", too. It is constructed to run on both AC and DC on the same track ! A historical train, consisting of a steam loco and passengerwaggons run on the layout. A button have to be pushed to make the train run. Runtime is approx. 5 min. for each push. The model was placed in one of the buildings of our town museum, and became very popular among the visitors. It will now be a part of our new layout.

Our first layout.

Our first layout have both H0-scale and H0e-scale (H0n2.5). All kinds of models are accepted. The landscape have a Norwegian look.

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If you like to get in touch with us, then please write to our address:
Sandefjord Modelljernbaneklubb, Nedre Haslevei 12, NO-3229 Sandefjord, Norway

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This page is dedicated to the memory of Jan Tore Andersen (13.04.1984 - 19.08.1998).