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RAILWAYS - They will always be there to take you on a journey, or to let you have them as your hobby !

Class 49, "The Dovre Giant", the bigest steam locomotive ever built in Norway !

First locomotive of 7 was delivered in 1935, and this locomotive got the name "Dovregubben" ("The Dovre Giant"). Class 49 was constructed for trains in the steepest parts of the Dovremountain Railwayline. The locomotive had overdimentioned power, and was intended for extreme curves. Some statistics for the first delivered class 49: Total lenght: 22000 mm. Four sylinders. Drivewheeldiameter: 1530 mm. Total power of 2600 HP. Total weight: 151,5 Tons. Except for one, 49C 470, all of them are now gone for ever.

The NSB "Signatur" (BM 73) Tilting-Train. The latest in Norwegian Railway Technology.

The Museum Railway Homepage Links to Museum Railways in the whole world !

The Scandinavian Railway Event Calendar Find out what's happening, or send in your messages of events.>

The Sandefjord Model Railway Club This page was the first Norwegian Model Railway Club Home Page on the web !

The Norwegian Model Railway Photo Page Have a look at some nice Norwegian railway models.

Model Railways and Electronics.

Here are some fine RAILWAY links:

Narrow Gauge Guide Switzerland
All you ever wanted to know about Swiss narrow gauge.

The Gardermo Railway
All about the new high-speed railwayline to Norway's new main airport.

Cyberspace World Railroad
Check this out !

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Find out more about Norwegian railways.

The European Railways Server.

International Railway Links
Here you find links to (almost) every thing !

Home Page of John & Karen Shaw
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Norwegian State Railways
The official NSB page.

The Tram in Bergen
Interesting page in Norwegian language.

Loco drawings
Have a look at Urban Flink's nice CAD drawings of locomotives !

A very nice web page with a lot of information and nice photos from the Rauma Line in Norway.

The Skotfoss railway
Norway's and Scandinavia's first electrical railway opened in 1892.

The Tehachapi RailCam
Very often updated pictures from the famous Tehachapi Loop in the USA.

The Norwegian Railway Club

Urban's Swedish Railways Page
Find out more about Swedish railways.

The worlds and Norway's northernmost railway
You find it on one of Norways northernmost islands.

Lolke Bijlsma's homepage of GM diesel's in Norway
A very nice page about the Norwegian NOHAB's and his Norwegian modelrailway layout.

The "Big Boy"
The worlds bigest steam locomotive.

St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railway
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Francisco A. Pinto's Brazilian Railway Page
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Norwegian Railways on Stamps
Interested in stamps ? If so, you should check out this page !

A page in Norwegian language about the latest Norwegian rail news.

Here are some fine MODEL RAILWAY links:

The Norwegian Model Railway Association
(Norwegian text only, but a lot of interesting links.)

Gakuen Tetsudo
Model Railways in Japan

Historical Model Railway Society
You must have a look at this !

Here are some OTHER fine links:

The weather-forecast
For Norway.

The vikingship copy of Sandefjord town.

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